Living Creatures

New series of paintings inspired by Revelation 4:6-8

“‘Holy, holy, holy

is the Lord God Almighty,’

who was, and is, and is to come.


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Living Creature 4 – acrylic on canvas – 48″x36″ –


Living Creature 2 – acrylic on canvas – 36″x36″ –


Living Creature 3 – acrylic on canvas – 36″x36″ –


Living Creature 4 – acrylic on canvas – 48″x36″ –


Watching Paint Dry.

This past year I decided to focus just on painting. Not a very easy decision for me since I love creating art in multiple mediums. Wanting to push myself and improve in painting is really what I want to pursue. Instead of being “kinda of good” in a lot of things my goal is to become “pretty good” at one thing. Anyway, here are a bunch of paintings that I’ve created so far this year. The pursuit of watching paint dry.


Demise of Pack Mentality

Demise of Pack Mentality – acrylic on canvas – 24″x36″

Doe of the Morning

Doe of the Morning – acrylic on canvas – 36″x36″

Wings of Gossip

Wings of Gossip – acrylic on canvas – 30″x40″

Forest Sage

Forest Sage – acrylic on canvas – 36″x48″

Pillar of the Serengeti

Pillar of the Serengeti – acrylic on canvas – 24″x48″


Flamingo – acrylic on canvas – 24″x48″




Awesome patches for fake stuff.

I started making these designs with the inspiration from motorcycle/military patches. #nalubuff #illustration #vector #illustrator #patches #motu #mastersoftheuniverse #sabretooth #snapping turtle #rhino #snake #getsnakebit #create #art #makinstuff #whoknows

sabres nalubuff-5589c0ee1af3cad nalubuff-5593784b1afc887 rhino turtle

Shapes and fire…???

Started playing around with some abstract designs incorporating photoshop and illustrator. Really liked how they came out. Maybe I’ll get some prints made up.


Faith, Truth, Love, Grace & lots of bright colors

Started messing with a new direction the past week or so.











Breaking Even Album Design

Breaking Even came to me with the concept of this storm vs. calm skies.
It was a fun project that involved a bunch of hidden “easter eggs” as well as using shots from around their hometown of Kansas City. Go check out their music here:


Catching up with the Nalubuff

I don’t update this site as much as I should, but here are some things that have been going on in the world of Nalubuff recently.

For the past few months I’ve been working with the guys from the band Breaking Even. I’ve been doing their logo design, package design/layout, photography, etc.
It’s been a lot of fun working with them. I can’t show you the album artwork yet. They are releasing that soon. But here are some of the promo shots I did for them and the logos I worked up. Go check them out at:




I was contacted about entering a design contest recently. The mission was to come up with design/illustrations for Mike’s HARDER new flavor coming out next spring.
They will choose 4 designs that will be distributed nationally. I figured I would throw some ideas out even though they contacted me more than halfway through the contest.

Here is what I came up with. They are supposed to announce the winning submissions soon.


I was asked to come and shoot live photos of the Victory Records band CLOSE YOUR EYES when they performed at this year’s Warped Tour here in Kansas City.
I haven’t been to Warped Tour in 10 years, but it was still awesome. Go check them out at: CLOSE YOUR EYES. They tore it up! Reminded me a lot of the band Ignite.










And here is a battle cat illustration just because I can!