Watching Paint Dry.

This past year I decided to focus just on painting. Not a very easy decision for me since I love creating art in multiple mediums. Wanting to push myself and improve in painting is really what I want to pursue. Instead of being “kinda of good” in a lot of things my goal is to become “pretty good” at one thing. Anyway, here are a bunch of paintings that I’ve created so far this year. The pursuit of watching paint dry.


Demise of Pack Mentality

Demise of Pack Mentality – acrylic on canvas – 24″x36″

Doe of the Morning

Doe of the Morning – acrylic on canvas – 36″x36″

Wings of Gossip

Wings of Gossip – acrylic on canvas – 30″x40″

Forest Sage

Forest Sage – acrylic on canvas – 36″x48″

Pillar of the Serengeti

Pillar of the Serengeti – acrylic on canvas – 24″x48″


Flamingo – acrylic on canvas – 24″x48″





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